Focus On What You Have! Not on What You Don’t Have

I had a seminar recently and during my explanation of the process of goal setting I was asked a question by one of the participants “but what if you just do not have time to accomplish it”.

She had to do research for her studies and had to get 120 people questioned for her survey in two weeks. She looked so confused about what to do precisely because she was concentrating on what she doesn’t have.

So we started to discuss the issue and I asked if she had friends who could help her. I asked if she had 10 friends who can go out and ask people she nodded yes. I asked if it is manageable right now to do 12 surveys each in two weeks and I saw a big bright smile on her face.

Focusing on what you have does not only take you from being overwhelmed to creative thinking mode it actually very often points out the solutions that you had right in front of you but were choosing to overlook.

Next time you have a task to solve or just a challenging time in your life. Focus on what you do have and what you can use rather than panicking about lack of resources.

“Where our focus goes, our energy flows” 


  1. Wow! This is a great post on FOCUS.

    I also think that focus is needed when you are geared up for success. Once you decide to succeed no matter what, you need that laser focus in applying every single effort you have to achieve that success.


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